Surface Mount technology

Ciesse Electronica Srl uses Siemens Systems of the latest generation with excellent quality standards.


The assembly cycle of the electronic components on the boards is executed accurately and fast by the automatic Systems.


The systems used by Ciesse Electronica Srl are able to mount components in BGA and uBGA with speeds that can reach up to 25,000 components per hour.

Vapour Phase Soldering

Increased Quality

• Overheating is physically impossible

• No cold solders due to determined heat transfer and absence of shadowing

Reduced Cost

• 1/5 direct Energy consumption

• No Nitrogen due to inert vapor phase process

• Reduced heat up of factory saving in air conditioning cost

• No compressed air required

• Fast setup for new products

• Fast changeovers

Low/No emission


The X-RAY inspection allows to check the correct welding of the components effectively.


In this way it is also possible to inspect components that do not have to view the pin (eg. BGA).


Furthermore, the X-RAY inspection can found short-circuits, pin not welded and components damaged, on all types of components on the board.